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The introduction of vegetation on untouched land has been applied since ancient times. The way how it is done in some cases speaks to the imagination.

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New technological developments

Atmosphere Remediation Centers

Atmosphere Remediation Centers are invisible launch plateaus located in the outer spheres of our Earth,...

Bioremediating Missile

The project involves building a replica of a V2 rocket. Filled with seeds, spores and fertilisers....

Bioremediating Missile

Het project behelst het bouwen van een object in de vorm van een V2 raket,...

Future Developments

The key is a balanced material cycle

Biodegradable Billboards

  -De biologisch afbreekbare billboards worden gemaakt van grondstoffen die niet schadelijk zijn voor het...

The future office of E.S.E.

  Office at FRISE in Hamburg (2017) During the Altenale Festival in Hamburg, E.S.E. kept...

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