Construction of the Bioremediating Missile

All parts of the Bioremediating Missile are handcrafted, most parts of the body are steam bended.
For bending wood a steam cabinet and several molds are needed. In the picture above you see the bending mold.
The pointy nose was made on the lathe
The warhead of the Brm.1
The seed compartment
The angles are made with a special developed tool grip
The whole body is made out of multiple layers, step one is measuring out the right distances
layer by layer the framework of the Brm.1 is glued together
The Brm. 1 is constructed out of separate compartments.
each of them is equal to the size and dimension of the individual compartments of the V2 missile.
Original blueprint
Only converted into wood
Dowel fixing
measuring out and building in the first nutrient vessel
Because of space shortage some of the compartments are being moved to a larger more industrial hall.
at Phoenixy – it was time to assemble to Bioremediating Missile
Brought everything over, so I could start to assemble the Bioremediating Missile.