The “mycoremediating biodegradable closed ecological system”


Contamination of soil and water seriously threatens the environment and human health; our ecosystems are vulnerable, and ever faster as our numbers grow, in great danger. Ecological Space Engineering is conducting research to find solutions to this environmental threat and with pride we present the “mycoremediating biodegradable closed ecological system”, a result of our research to mycoremediation and the role of mycorrhizal fungi in phytoremediation.  The system is literally inoculated by fungi mycelium that is able to clean up diesel and many more toxic substances. The mycelium will spread in time through the system and infiltrate the underneath contaminated soil, to extract nutrients, remediate and nourish the soil and prepare it for the closed ecosystem that will be released during the decomposition of the system.


The “mycoremediating biodegradable closed ecological system” is a top of the line product of Ecological Space Engineering. We propose a phenomenon of induced terra forming by which a damaged or depleted ecosystem is able to naturally restore itself. Something of a seed, a biodegradable capsule containing organisms, is placed in a contaminated environment. The organisms remediate the soil and eventually break down the capsule and inhabit their surroundings, making the soil richer and ready for other forms of life.